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About us

Smak mer Norge is working to connect suppliers and buyers so that they can deal directly with each other. Leverant Distribution collects the goods from the supplier and delivers to the customer with the TINE distribustion truck

Smak mer Norge is operated by Leverant, a unit of TINE.

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What is is a trade portal that connects skilled food and drink suppliers directly with buyers in the grocery and catering industry. Here, the buyer can order goods from one or more Norwegian suppliers and have them delivered directly with the TINE distribution truck. gives buyers a common platform for purchasing local food. In addition, makes it easier for buyers to have an overview of all products available and to have control over orders to various suppliers.

Who can order from We only deliver goods to companies that resell goods (shop, kiosk, etc.), to companies that use the products in their own manufactured goods (bakery and other food industry producers), or to companies that run a catering business (restaurant, canteen, cafe, etc.). We do not deliver goods to private addresses.

How do I become a Supplier in the portal? Send an email to and we will contact you!

How does the logistics work? Goods sold via the portal are distributed by TINE together with other TINE goods. As a supplier in the portal, you must therefore also have a transport agreement with TINE. If you wish to sell goods to a buyer who does not receive TINE goods, the buyer must be created and routed in our system. Contact

How are orders handled in the portal? Orders placed in the portal are direct orders to the supplier. The supplier handles all orders in the portal (confirms or rejects the order) and then registers the order in its own ERP/invoicing system. When the order has been confirmed in the portal, an order confirmation is sent. The supplier invoices the buyer, and this happens outside the portal.

How long does it take from order to delivery? The lead time depends on the supplier's capacity, where the supplier is located and the buyer's delivery date.

Who can I order goods from? The supplier makes available the products they wish to sell in the portal in a county, several counties or nationally. You as a buyer can order from all suppliers that are visible in the portal.

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