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Smak mer Norge
- where every trade has its own history

Smak mer Norge simplifies the availability of food and drink products for suppliers, and opens the doors for producers to a larger market


In the trading portal, you as a supplier have your own product catalogue, which can be made available locally and nationally. You can also add other information, news and market your own company. You have control over who your customers are and own the customer relationship. The supplier distributes the goods and delivers them directly to the customer with the TINE truck.


Smak mer Norge makes it efficient and easy to find local suppliers and products, whether they are in your region or at national level. Through our portal, you get an overview of all available goods and the option to order directly from various suppliers. The goods are delivered by the Supplier with the TINE truck

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Taste more Norway will make it easier for food and drink suppliers to sell directly to, for example, shops and restaurants. Supplier gives small and large companies access to TINE's distribution network, which helps to reduce CO2 emissions and promote circular solutions.


TINE aims to use only renewable energy and fuel by 2030, both in production and transport.

With Smak mer Norge and Leverant, we optimize the use of resources and contribute to reducing the environmental footprint by creating an open, inclusive and history-rich trading experience through Smak mer Norge.

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