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Become a supplier

Do you want to sell and market your products through Smak mer Norge?

Through the Smak mer Norge portal, you as a producer can reach out with your products both locally and nationally to buyers who want to buy goods from various producers in Norway. You can easily create your own product catalog which you yourself will be responsible for updating and maintaining.

In addition to sales opportunities, the portal offers tools to add more information, publish news and market yourself and your company.

Goods sold through the portal are distributed by the Supplier in the TINE truck together with other TINE goods. As a supplier in Smak mer Norge, you must have a transport agreement with the Supplier.

Become a buyer

Do you want to explore and buy Norwegian goods from Smak mer Norge?

In the trade portal Smak mer Norge you will find local producers who supply regionally or nationally. Here you get an overview of all available products and the option to order directly from various manufacturers.


If you already have a TINE customer number, we only need to create a user account for you at If you do not have a TINE customer number, we need a little more information from you.


Please note that we only deliver to businesses that resell goods (shops, kiosks, etc.), to businesses that use the products in their own production (bakery and other food industry producers), or to businesses that conduct catering activities (restaurants, canteens, cafes, etc.). We do not deliver goods to private addresses.

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