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​Disclaimer and privacy policy

On this page you will find information about how we at Smak mer Norge process data and how you as a consumer can access, change or delete information about you.

We are constantly working to give you good user experiences at To achieve this, we collect information about user patterns and personal data.

When you enter as a user on the website and other affiliated websites owned and operated by Smak mer Norge, TINE and TINE's subsidiaries, you accept the terms below. The content of the declaration of responsibility can be changed on an ongoing basis. You should therefore read through the statement when you visit the website next time.


The content on Smak mer Norway's website is subject to copyright protection. With the exception of recipes and images/text linked to recipes, all content can be freely distributed, copied and stored electronically or printed. This consent is given on the condition that the source of the material is indicated correctly.

Smak mer Norge makes every effort to keep the content on the websites as up-to-date and correct as possible. It may still happen that some information may be incomplete, inaccurate or not up to date. Smak mer Norge assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions in the information. Any decision you make on the basis of the information on Smak mer Norway's websites is at your own risk. Smak mer Norge, TINE or TINE's subsidiaries do not assume any responsibility for loss or damage of any kind that may arise from the use of Smak mer Norge's websites, or information contained there. may contain links to other websites outside Smak mer Norge's control. Smak mer Norge places such links to help Smak mer Norway's visitors find more information in specific areas. Smak mer Norge cannot guarantee that such linked information is correct, relevant, current or complete.

References to any commercial product, process or service, or the use of industry, company or legal person on all Smak mer Norge's websites, are intended only as information and service to the website's visitors and do not imply any approval or recommendation or support or favoritism from Smak more Norway's side. Smak mer Norge cannot guarantee that the colors shown on the website are exactly the same as the colors that products, ingredients etc. have in reality. How the color is perceived is due to settings in your computer.

Personal information
Smak mer Norge processes all personal data such as name, address, telephone number or other personal information you provide to Smak mer Norge in connection with competitions, newsletters, marketing, registrations, orders and other, in accordance with the current personal data act. The information is only used for what you have given your consent to, to fulfill an agreement or to fulfill Smak mer Norge's legal obligations.

If you have agreed to receive offers or newsletters from Smak mer Norge, we will be able to make a personal adaptation so that the marketing is perceived as relevant to the recipients. Before such processing begins, you will be provided with additional information and a simple option to choose to receive general offers and newsletters instead of customized ones.

Smak mer Norge will delete the personal data when Smak mer Norge has handled your inquiry, fulfilled an agreement or Smak mer Norge's legal obligation, or when you withdraw your consent by contacting us as explained below.

As an alternative to deletion, Smak mer Norge can remove identifying information from the personal information, so that the information can no longer be linked to you (anonymization). Smak mer Norge can use such anonymous information in its experience archive and to prepare analyzes and statistics, to adapt and develop Smak mer Norge's marketing and products in relation to consumers' wishes and needs.

The personal information will be stored on Smak mer Norway's own servers and with cloud service providers that support the Norwegian Personal Data Act (GDPR). Smak mer Norge does not hand over your personal data to other third parties unless you have consented to it.

To monitor and respond to inquiries that come to some of Smak mer Norge's accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, the Social Boards tool is used. Here we do not receive any more information than what is already available on the relevant social media platform, apart from when a comment is deleted on Facebook. Then it will still be available in Social Boards.

Contact us at or call Customer Center + 47 23288336 if you want to have access to, have access to, correct or delete personal data stored about you. In the same way, you can object to, demand limitation of or withdraw consent to the processing of personal data.

You also have the opportunity to complain about the processing of personal data to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Smak mer Norge has decided to continue the voluntary scheme with its own data protection ombudsman, and you can therefore also contact for questions about the processing of personal data in the TINE Group.

Smak mer Norge's websites and the vast majority of websites use so-called information cookies or cookies to improve the user experience. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when you visit or interact with a website.

Smak mer Norge uses these cookies to improve the user experience on the website as well as to collect statistics that we use to make our websites better. By using Smak mer Norges' websites, you agree that we can place cookies in your browser.

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