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Smak mer Norge | Lokalmat


Små Vesen is a brewery in Aurdal, Valdres. We brew beer with an emphasis on good craftsmanship and teamwork with the underground beings.


You don't have to go any further back in popular belief than to the 19th century, when people thought it was the underground people who gave the alcohol in the beer. Yes, you could see them in the soda and the bubbles. These little beings are very much appreciated, therefore the brewery Små Vesen.

The brewery at Anmarkrud Gard opened in 2015 and in the brewery around 50,000 liters of beer are produced annually. We brew craft beer with little use of automation and machinery, but with a lot of manual work. That way, I save on the good flavors and not least the joy of brewing good beer.

Contact Små Vesen

Phone: 476 82 708



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