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​Gudbrandsdalsmat SA is a cooperative with food producers in Gudbrandsdalen. The co-operative's task is to run the sale and distribution of products from the producers to shops and catering establishments. Our main sales area is Gudbrandsdalen with Lillehammer, but we sell and distribute goods to the whole of Norway.

Ordering: With one point of contact, one order and one delivery, we convey the diversity of goods produced by our members. We distribute goods via TINE.


Outlet locations: Are you wondering which store carries products from Gudbrandsdalsmat or which hotels and restaurants you can enjoy a real Gudbrandsdals taste? Contact us, we will help you! Are you missing a product in a store near you? Tip us!


Product: Gudbrandsdalsmat offers local food products from producers in Gudbrandsdalen. Cheese and dairy products, eggs, cured meats and meat products, spices, juice and beer, herbs, fish, pastries, potatoes and vegetables. Product sheets for many products can be found on our homepage.


Producers: Aukrust Gard and Urteri, Avdem Gardsysteri, Bakeriet i Lom, Breheimen Mat, Bjorli Fjellmat, Brimi Sæter, Den lille tytingfabrikken, Dovrelam, Fjelleventyret, Gausdal and Lillehammer Big Gardens, Gillebo Systun, Gudbrandsdalsegg, Heidal Ysteri, Hubertus Bryggeri, Jotunheimfsk, Kaurstadbær , Jotunmat, Raspberries from Moe, Mogard Gardsmat, Ottadalen Mølle, Rikard Skjelkvåle, Stensgård, Sve Gard, Sygard Forberg, Søre Hosar, Valbjør Gard, Øyens Hjemmebakeri.

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