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At the Skogheim farm in Aure, fruit trees have been planted since the 1940s. When Bjørn Torsetnes inherited the farm, he and business partner June Vestavik saw the opportunity to develop a unique product based on the old traditions of the farm.

It was a short time from the first tree being planted until "Fjordsider" was created. The two have now planted over 7,500 apple trees. The landscape at Skogheim farm is suitable for fruit growing, and the climate in the north-west ensures a long ripening period - this gives the apples a good and rich taste.

We use the apple varieties Aroma, Gravenstein and Discovery to create the good taste of "Fjordsider". By hand, trees are planted and apples are picked, before they are pressed, mixed and bottled into "Fjordsider" at Hjelset near Molde.

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