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Det Gamle Røgeri

Healthy and clean food without artificial additives or injection of salt or flavour. ​


We deliver to selected groceries, restaurants, catering, delicatessens, businesses, in addition to our own outlet in the center of Sandefjord.


The old smokehouse does not only produce smoked food, but also uses smoking in combination with other techniques. In addition to this, we process all types of animals and cuts with lacquering, marinating, salting, curing, digging and smoking.


We see that the good Norwegian traditions have been degraded in the industry, while we at Det Gamle Røgeri specialize in real craftsmanship using the same recipes and processes as in the 19th century. We do not use any artificial additives or injections in our production. ​


We place the highest value on quality and take the time required to recreate a fantastic taste experience.


We can probably compare the different production methods with time. Our production method takes several days, while others take hours. This means that our products mature and thereby acquire a unique taste, consistency, durability and 100% pure food.


Our smoking ovens are specially made for our production and according to the same read as what our ancestors did. We use different types of wood chips for smoking, depending on which flavor we want to enhance. We use the same technique for fish, shellfish, meat, poultry, game and whales.

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