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Rygge has long had a varied agricultural and vegetable production. The first farmers usually settled on soft soils that sloped to the south or west. It provided the best and easiest growing conditions.


Dyre farm is located on part of the flat land that runs west and south-west of Dyreskogen on the sunny side of the Oslofjord. In the area, you will find a number of ancient monuments that tell of the fact that the land has been used for a long time. Cooking pits, holes for house posts, stone rings, Bronze Age mounds and Iron Age graves have been found.

New crops and cultivation methods were tested at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Exotic plants such as free-range tomatoes and asparagus were then grown at Dyre and sent by liner to Christiania (Oslo) for sale and consumption.

In the past, flowers and vegetables were grown for sale and for the production of seeds.


With its location between forest and sea, with mild winters and not too hot summers, as well as good solar reflection from the sea, the area is very well suited for fruit growing.

In 2011, we started planting the popular apple varieties Rød Aroma and Discovery.

In the spring of 2015, 12,000 Santana trees were planted. We have also planted 13,000 trees of the Holsteiner Cox variety. In 2017, Dyre Gård has approx. 35,000 apple trees.

Before planting, the land was sown with meadow and abundant clover, which for several years was used as green manure to create new life and biological diversity in the soil.

During these years, the soil was in the waiting list in order to be approved as organic soil by Debio.

From planting, it is only fertilized and sprayed with organic pesticides which mainly consist of rapeseed oil and green soap. In addition, we have a rich diversity of beneficial animals such as insects and birds that help us keep the orchard free of pests.

The fertilizer mainly consists of composted "tallow" from organic meat production, chicken manure and grass clippings from the area between the rows of apples.


At Dyre Gård, only organic products are grown today.

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